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sticky fingers and sunshine

..   those grapevines spilled over into our yard from theirs, and my tiny people liked to be lifted up to borrow a juicy burst of morning with hungry crimson hands.   .. Twiglet #16.   

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… We shirr ourselves together from invisible strings, clustering in flocks and crowds like birds, mustering our faith. Colorful chairs unfolding, holding our memories. Our laughter, like bright awnings from the street. We swear by flowers, mosaics, the smell of … Continue reading

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Promenades and Hammers

He died because he wanted to dance. Had a girlfriend named Mary, love of second chances; (Gran left him for a banker years ago). They loved square dancing, and he had those Dougherty knees, perhaps from kneeling on the job … Continue reading

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Feeling Like I Could Breathe Again

.. I remember standing on a lawn and watching bats fly out of our attic. I was 3. I remember the little red rims the cinnamon Santa eyes would leave behind when we ate them off of all Gram’s cookies. … Continue reading

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That Certain Slant of Sunlight

.. This isn’t about the curtains. (Lacy, fluttering in a lazy afternoon breeze.) Not really. And it’s not about the pale porcelain bowls or the way plain old vanilla ice cream tasted better out of them than at home. It’s … Continue reading

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Unpacking Childhood

..  I would dabble with dolls, sure. Dress them in the morning as if I had woken my child and gotten her ready for the day. Feed them breakfast and put them down for their nap, and then prompt -ly … Continue reading

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