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poem in peril 

help!  she’s running from the dactyls again, fleeing her own parchment skinand huddling between the lines.  she’s been participle dangled and meter-mangled and nearly strangled  (but wits intact) by stanza. in fact, she left us a syllabled s-o-s,and I fear it’s no joke, see?  cuz just when you think she’s … Continue reading

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Un(in)formed Poem  

.. I want no feet. No beat. No stanza’d streets to stomp or romp in name of rhythm, rhyme or silly-abic time. Iamb what iamb. Un -versed, unrehearsed, un -refrained. I’m trynna start a re -volta. Wanna come? Oh, hai … Continue reading

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Sorry About Your Toes, She Says

.. unstress.STRESS.unstress.STRESS. I amb confused on which is which. STRESS.unstress.STRESS.unstress. I really am trying to follow the pitch. My feet are tangled, my muse is sore. STRESS.unstress.STRESS.unstress. I’ve tri-ed, I’ve di-ed, I’m pent up and hexed. It’s unstress,STRESS; less “un” … Continue reading

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