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Another Thing, Coming

I’m the dreaming ghost, guest, waitress, watcher, wanting the words to be true. Whatever the weapons may come to mean. ……………………………– Adrienne Rich, Scenes of Negotiation   … You’ve got it, in spades, she tells the girl in the mirror … Continue reading

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Breaking Blue

.. See, here’s the thing: Shape-shifter, soul -drifter, wayward wandering gypsy skydragon. White wisp. You’ve got a thousand other places (things) to be, and I can see them all through cloudy eyes.   .. Prompted by Miz Q. Quickly.  

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Travels with Haircuts

.. She trims the tresses of the masses, shears near ears and hears the stories in all their long (and short) glory. Shaves miles, time. Runs with scissors.   .. Prompted by Miz Q. 

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… We shirr ourselves together from invisible strings, clustering in flocks and crowds like birds, mustering our faith. Colorful chairs unfolding, holding our memories. Our laughter, like bright awnings from the street. We swear by flowers, mosaics, the smell of … Continue reading

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I will be a boring woman, with my wonderful houses.

  … See me? Gray hair flowing in the breeze, listening for the quiet song that still makes the world go ’round? That window there’s my favorite of all my places, all these heart -traces, cobbled homes I’ve tumbled from … Continue reading

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.. she dreams in spiraled clouds, candy spun of nothing-dreams. she seems a wayward soul, a lost girl in dragon skin. she’s begin -ning to believe in something, anything, this thing that is her own dark soul. she knows the … Continue reading

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Veer, Mere

.. So, there’s a milky white elephant in the room, and we’re all too blind (too tired, too bored) to see it. Your heart tells you it’s a sham, a scam, a giant hat, a pot of nothing. Your hands … Continue reading

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