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What She’s Got

{1987} Not a whole lot of sense, too much sensibility, the ability to do the splits but not split when he is less than all. A boombox and some Air Supply and a place to cry, alone. A phone that … Continue reading

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a mishmash of blues

.. indigo done left me again, stranded on shifting sands. the world’s gone all gray tones again, sifted through empty hands. turquoise beat has done me wrong, imprinted on my heart. midnight’s spilled her way to sky, abandoned us from … Continue reading

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Counting Sheep

.. I am all weird and weepy today, un -prepared for the wily way the world twists and turns to and fro and far and wee. Can you see the sun be -hind all this gray? Let’s breathe, and ask … Continue reading

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Moon in a Mason Jar

They say she’s just going through a phase, but I know she’s a moody blue, so I tuck her in with sacred limbs, …………snow, and sigh -lence.   .. inspiring visual and prompt from over at margo‘s.   

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