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spicing the moon

tonight she’s all cinnamon-simmer, a saffron-shimmer in a cardamom sky. melt her center, spent. bent towards some semblance of jazz -mine grace, her face a swollen slice of stolen nutmeg pie. sprinkle her in crater -cradled stars. sp(l)ice her soul … Continue reading

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Moon Mother

.. she’s a sweet old golden grandmother in an embroidered jacket, all pale blond pigtails and plush mouth plumped for kisses. teacher of all things celestial and falling. she’s the penny you saved, the drop of water earned. the thumbprint … Continue reading

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scribbling her in full

.. the moon’s a jellyfish, tentacled in stars , a po(e)t of ice jam, waiting to be spooned.     twiglets #41.     

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wild {in which she conjures up one more 44-word moon}

hear-ye, here: ye. free. found. ballooned in the dancedawndreamdrizzle of spilled bliss. still, this: echo-storm -pepper-curled scar. open jar, shadowcloud-spark. we giggle ghosts, spring flicker-fear, lull leaves to skip-melt-twist. she shimmers on, bubblegrin rose, supposed whisper-sound, curl-cued nightbreath breeze. our … Continue reading

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{wherein she (once again) uses all the words to describe the moon}

… she’s a still-spring giggle, echoed sound, whisperstorm. dance her (shimmered bubble-balloon, dawn-ghost; cue twist-skip cloud-melting grin) scar-curled into open spill. will her vanilla-drizzled and pepper-sprinkle-sparked into shadow flickered breeze. she’s a white sky-rose, unjarred from journey. leaves you lulled, … Continue reading

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fiddle moon

    play magnetic poetry here.   

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Mr. Fixit Tries to Spackle the Moon

.. Too soon, he realizes it’s use -less; she’s born …….too many scars. And besides, she’s shrinking again. Waning until she’s weightless, wantless, willed and whiled to sky. Ask him why he keeps at it, and he’ll tell you this: … Continue reading

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