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Stop Me (If You’ve Heard This One Before)

… So, this poet walks into a ……..{space} …..bar and hyphen -ate hydrates herself with a trochee or two, and begins pledging ………..poems to a metered moon. Soon, the stars are all (g)listening, until they just can’t stop. ……………………Cue ……………………the … Continue reading

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{wherein she (once again) uses all the words to describe the moon}

… she’s a still-spring giggle, echoed sound, whisperstorm. dance her (shimmered bubble-balloon, dawn-ghost; cue twist-skip cloud-melting grin) scar-curled into open spill. will her vanilla-drizzled and pepper-sprinkle-sparked into shadow flickered breeze. she’s a white sky-rose, unjarred from journey. leaves you lulled, … Continue reading

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Aubade for the A.M.

… Morning breaches too soon, and the moon bids us farewell. That tangerine swell from the east says night has fallen to the other side, pried its dark hands from this horizon. We sway north, question our own salt, and … Continue reading

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Dragon Moon

.. She’s a white curl snarl of bright stone, shone in fire and song. We watch her tail turn black, wane smudge into this talon-punctured scrim. She swims across the inky ocean, curved into her own dark flank. She’s listening … Continue reading

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fiddle moon

    play magnetic poetry here.   

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Mr. Fixit Tries to Spackle the Moon

.. Too soon, he realizes it’s use -less; she’s born …….too many scars. And besides, she’s shrinking again. Waning until she’s weightless, wantless, willed and whiled to sky. Ask him why he keeps at it, and he’ll tell you this: … Continue reading

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Manchester, and More

.. The world is aching again, like a rotten tooth. I long for silence and the calm dry wash of a brighter ……….moon.   .. twiglet #25.  

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