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Pouring hope from tea leaves

, we wish upon whatever we can scrounge: these shattered stars, the kitefluff of a drunken dandelion sun and one last candle’s kiss. It tastes like copper -penny fountains and a stolen horseshoe score, a broken silver skystone all aquiver … Continue reading

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Dry Spell

The moon’s got a river of promise running through her milky skin, a vein of waning soul. I’ve got a fallen-scar wish that says she’s willing to die for that ocean. And really, aren’t we all just bodies of water … Continue reading

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and the moon slips by, in silence

she’s focused on her own un -doing, the waning of her wiles, the extinction of her ink. she thinks the world is flat, forgotten. rotten with unstirred souls. she’s sure of nothing. she’ll salt you clean with ocean sway, the … Continue reading

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Sky Calling

.. The stars are sharp tonight, tongues of fire that freeze and float …………..and fall, and we wish they would un-Braille ….us, sing these syllables in a language we might hear and …………..know. The moon? ……..She’s just a golden-throated swallow … Continue reading

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By strange and varying degrees

  Tempt us not, for we are waiting for the hot hot breath of dragon summer breeze, the way the trees can sway a soul. The balmy blame of sea. Thread us not through flotsam fleet nor pirate plea for … Continue reading

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long gray braids and fading footprints

.. you look older now whispers that naughty moon, my wanderlust gypsy soul sister. i silence her in sea -glass, sand and salt, true-north pebbled ………………..stones, as the stars lie in wait for me.   .. twiglet #137     … Continue reading

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In Answer to a Startled Sun

  We rise, apprised of nothing. We sip sink thirst think, and sigh at clouds. We carve our secret names out loud on caves and canvas, steep our skin in freckled fret. Then that big hope-balloon-moon breaches the horizon, reminding … Continue reading

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hang a left when you get to the moon

she’ll show you the way to wane, to whim the hands of time to darker sides. go straight for the stars, dot-to-dot math a path to that horizon haze, and hold the day loosely in pin-pricked points. sway right at … Continue reading

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scribbling on the moon

.. we’ve borrowed Orion’s belt -sander, Icarus’ wax and wane, the silver-tipped nibs of these immediate stars. it’s quite a stretch, this lunar etch-a-sketch , but we hope you’ll read it, …………soon. .. In April, we poem.     

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poker-faced moon

.. she’s got an ace up her sleeve, i can tell. she’s cast her spell upon this dark-spade sky, bluffed just enough to call us double-down-drowning in ebony, ivory-cloud, club-snubbed us the wrong way with glow. but I’m calling this … Continue reading

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