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Beautifully Broken

.. Here is where the midnight cracked us, tracked us down and stole our song. Here is where our weary hearts split open, crazy broken on too-thin shattered strings. Here is where the dreams we had as teens (all those … Continue reading

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The Low-Hummed Hope of Other Songs  

  … We have wandered ……….(once again) too far. Become un -lucky in our gaze. These streetlights falter, alter shadows, offer cobbled stones. Perhaps we have bartered our broken much too soon, settled for the passing of the buck by … Continue reading

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That which she is of {tossed above}:

.. Beauty (perhaps) and light, and the fight of wind on skin. Pain slow -slammed into truth. Proof of second chances and first -blush glances turned to 20 years. Tears. Sky and moon and sun -burned tongues and languages she … Continue reading

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Graffiti on a Broken Sky

  .. Paintbrush-hush (guilty, guileless) me a rebel heart, an unquiet start a whispered want and a place to hold my still long-fractured hope. Then soft (and sound and soon), steal me some long-lost wisp of cloud, harboring a sunrise … Continue reading

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i get nothing out of anything but moon

  but you were there, under all that glow , and in between the wax and wane. and night after night you spilled stars, and I sang my own name.   .. Prompted by Poetic Asides.     

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Learning Curves

  .. I have studied the arc of moon for many days, spiraled in her angled gaze and held her full circumference in waiting hands. I feel that I am getting ………..(swirled, whirled) wiser by her ardent glow, the diameter … Continue reading

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Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut

..  Moon snickers. She’s got a secret, a milky way of char- stone chewing up this dark sky. She’s all butter -fingers and mounds of moonbeam …….chuckles twix(t) the 3 musketeers sneers of Orion’s belt notch trio. It’s pay day … Continue reading

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