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i get nothing out of anything but moon

  but you were there, under all that glow , and in between the wax and wane. and night after night you spilled stars, and I sang my own name.   .. Prompted by Poetic Asides.      Advertisements

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Learning Curves

  .. I have studied the arc of moon for many days, spiraled in her angled gaze and held her full circumference in waiting hands. I feel that I am getting ………..(swirled, whirled) wiser by her ardent glow, the diameter … Continue reading

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Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut

..  Moon snickers. She’s got a secret, a milky way of char- stone chewing up this dark sky. She’s all butter -fingers and mounds of moonbeam …….chuckles twix(t) the 3 musketeers sneers of Orion’s belt notch trio. It’s pay day … Continue reading

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Once Upon a Poem

… {Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.} , there was a feracious inkle-weaver who was married to the moon. She steeped her quill in scent of stars, urged fire -flies into sway and seized the (roun)d(el)ay (raw, unformed) … Continue reading

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Loose Thoughts Caught on a Silver Slow-Stitched Thread

.. Listen, here is the thing we might whisper to your waiting ears if you let us; the picture we might paint for you of future endings and un -endings, the case we should argue for the brilliance of forbidden … Continue reading

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Ocean Sirens

.. We tried to tell you the storm was coming, but you didn’t listen to the waves or the tides; the wisdom of the moon or the scent of salt. We are distant -ly …………..(resistant-ly) related to those of you … Continue reading

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Some Nights Hold Teeth

.. , when the wind blows it all loose and mean around your shoulders and the iron cloak of darkness closes in. More questions than you have punctuation for; more clouds than this ebony scrim deserves. The stars mock sharp, … Continue reading

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