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is there anybody out there? 

when the tree falls                  (in the forest) for the sky do you and i hear it, across all these miles?  i know notof timbre falling ,but the stars are full of static electricity and the moon is all crescent cling and zing.  ::I’ve been gleefully out of … Continue reading

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Epic S(i)mile 

Yours is as that crescent moon broken open for a star-freckled waiting sky. Like a golden river flowing through the black of night,the sacred borrowed light of sun. You’ve spun-sugar waxed me giddy-gibbous into risen glee. You grin, and I’m robed in lunacy.  ::Day 26 … Continue reading

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Happily, Ever 

They are still unshod, by god-mother. (These wayward Wildling rebel-rogue princesses.)  Barefoot loose and fancy only in their own daisy-chained glee. Nobody’s  waiting to be saved. No-body’s even shaved in weeks and weeks. It’s  all grown wild, like weedsand flowers, ivy. Stars. Some days, they … Continue reading

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for the love of this poem 

, i shall give her a stanza skirt of royal scarlet and turquoise, a pearly glint of autumn moon.  she’ll swoon when i show herthis gentle noise of stream, the golden sunsets seams  i’ve sewn into her hem. the trem-bled sway of breeze. these … Continue reading

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Divine Directives 

Hush.  See? Earth’s not in a rush and we should not be either. She’s quiet -ly turning, not yearning for speed. She’s all tiny flit and flutter, tide  and teaspooned time. Take a breathand hold it like a swallowed moon.  Swoon for … Continue reading

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Murder of One 

There’s a lone crow on a power                                        (trip) line, squawking about somethingor other, and we’ve discovered there is nothing left to say.  Somehow, we are both here                (there, anywhere, nowhere) too lateand too soon.  Our only remaining evidence: this chalk outline                               moon.  :: It’s Quadrille Monday over at … Continue reading

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Little Dog Laughing 

(on DogMa) :: I jump through hoops,shoot for moon. Have a cowor two. Spoon-feed myself fear. And here she is, laughing. Loving meanyway, as if to say, Hey – (diddle, diddle) it’s all gonna be okay.  :: Written for day 17 of NaPoWriMo.

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Ink Queries 

(a Curtal Sonnet) :: If we ask our questions of the sky  will it answer with its fallen stars and Orion’s belt playing in tune? When we raise our palms and wonder why  fireflies won’t stay in gathered jars, how then … Continue reading

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Ext: Seaside (Scene 1) 

We fade in on a girl, illuminated onlyby a broken-open moon. She sits alone on a beach with her fingers wrapped around a pen, her toes  in sand. The ocean is our only sound-track. She leans her head back and lets … Continue reading

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crample-hammed and headed for a nap 

we’ve lost the map and the glisk is fading, so we are saving ourselves for later, bundled  up in moonlight and kindling what is left of our poems, kiddled by the phrases we  once warmed with our own veined ink. we think we’re … Continue reading

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