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Mirror Me a Moon

Ask her to hold back those tides, allow me a little slumber, a little folding of the hands, a wane from these skies. She’s borrowing light again, and so am I, steadfast and longing. A tiny slice of lemon in … Continue reading

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Because she has grown from this turquoise scrim,

  She braids her roots into the stars, a triumph of chimneys at her crown. She ponders petals and sparrows, casts the moon, and pins it down.   .. Image by artist Catrin Welz-Stein Inspiring prompt from over at dVerse Poetics today, … Continue reading

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  it’s just me and the moon, forgiving ourselves for dark words whispered     Grace’s 28 days of self-love, day 5.     

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i palm psalms with an open heart. read “grace me!” and know you know me, bloom my hands for today’s gifts.   that crackled blue moon’s got a mind of her own, melting soft into mountain flesh. she’ll return tonight, … Continue reading

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Stop Me (If You’ve Heard This One Before)

… So, this poet walks into a ……..{space} …..bar and hyphen -ate hydrates herself with a trochee or two, and begins pledging ………..poems to a metered moon. Soon, the stars are all (g)listening, until they just can’t stop. ……………………Cue ……………………the … Continue reading

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Orion’s Wheel

…. We steal celestial moments, thread our words through belt loops touched only by gods light years away. We call names. Fall apart. Whistle and wait for the echo of our own syllables. The stars are pin-prick cat prints on … Continue reading

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Holding Only Breath

.. Ah, silence. The greatest violence the morning alarm, the storm of only her own unquiet skin. A single-serve sun also rises, and she swallows it whole just to sing its shine. The melting moon her only concern, …….caller, companion. … Continue reading

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