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Perhaps She is the Thumbprint of Some Wayward Queen

.. You say to talk about her in a new way and I must tell you I am exhausted. She exhausts me. My nouns. My verbs. My inky veins. I have quilled her a thou -sand poems in paper sky, … Continue reading

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Productivity Waning

… I started several things today, but there was a problem (or two, or three). You see, I’m a shiny object girl, a swirl of paint and chalk and heart-felt talk (no time for silly exchanges of how’s the weather? … Continue reading

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counting down this particular slant of sky

.. i hold my breath, because i know she’s up there somewhere, new and waiting. she’s waned her own melted wax, burned her self out from both ends, slid across this inky rink on crescent skate. she’s late to the … Continue reading

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