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aubade to broken

the day cracks open with a scarlet smile to hide its mourning.  that first bird caw is the empty gnaw of displaced dark.  we wanted more. we wanted all. we wanted whole moon-light, not that evil Cheshire cat smile broken fingernail crescent scar now fading.  ::In April, we poem.

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dawns the day, and so we lace our shoes

run one. just one. and when you’re done, may ………..-be run another one. perhaps a half. another step. another breath. another sidewalk slap-hum, another strum of heart, another start another way of leaving, believing, grieving, receiving sunrise hope ………by …{quail} … Continue reading

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wayward faeries

… they breathe in birdsong, the gentle longing for pocket-petal whisper fall on delicate ears. they laugh in flowers, the quiet hours of morning when the sun smiles a golden hiccup-up-up into the sky.   .. twiglet #24.

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morning night light

(an aubade tanka) .. one last stolen kiss. watch that fading sky; oh, see? silver filament looped to invisible strings, moon rewires herself to sea.   .. prompted by poetic asides. 

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  .. That sassy sun smiles again, and one stray vapor of pink -smoke hope curls around her heart.     .. prompted by twiglets.         

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Ms. Moon Waning

.. She’s straining her golden eye to see the last good in this night, the last gold in this fight, the last gild for her flight. She’s danced all night across this star-stung scrim, whirled at her whim to ebony’s … Continue reading

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Specter Moon

(an Aubade)   .. Dawn breaks us open, unspoken and changed, rearranged. We say our goodbyes, our last gull cries, our vast pulled tides and ardent waves. Sun rises; moon falls, a balance like breathing. She’s nothing but a ghost … Continue reading

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Slanted Aubade

{It Dawns on Her} .. Oh, that damn sun comes up again. And coffee fills her cup again and one day’s not enough again and it’s all kind of getting under her skin. The adieu of moon, the tilted sky. … Continue reading

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Defending the Dawn

(an aubade)   .. Let the record show the awe of quiet. The spread of not-yet light across a waking sky. Leaf flutter lashes tumbling night from their grasp. Ask the birds your many quest -ions; have them swear to … Continue reading

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