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She’s really just a princess in a greenblue gown

The poetry of earth is never dead. – John Keats  :: She laughs in flowersstrikes the violin strings of stormhums in birdwing to remind us life’s a song.  Her dance is treeswayshimmered moonspill on the seathe thrum of heart to ocean wave.  She … Continue reading


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signaling the stars

.. there’s a dot-to-dot dash bash going on in the sky, a morse-code cue that you and i are now free to shine. look: a wish that’s burned right on straight through; a small soft mantra of me-and-you that means … Continue reading

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In the Long Run

.. I was a girl of dashes. Half Morse, no marathon. No 440. 50 yards at best, 100 in a stretch. Heat. Lashes laced with sweat, spent. Everything left on that track in just a few seconds. Flat. Light. Sound … Continue reading

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