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most mad

We’re all mad here. – The Cheshire Cat  Are you still mad?…Of course you are…– Alanis Morissette  :: the moon is drunk again on her own borrowed power and i am weary of her wax.  perhaps i shall form wings and whirl them to … Continue reading

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With Ardent Affection for an Indifferent Moon 

They say we’re out of ways to woo you.  But I, heart tied to sky,shall try to fool you  into loving me back. See, the clacking of all this black is really just a churning starless seabrought to you on bended knee.  Are you the … Continue reading

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yet another poem for that fat golden girl

the other one tends to get all the attention (all that tangerine morning shine) ,  but she (more sinister sister, dark side tried and true light thief) still knows how to own a sky.  we stop and watch her balloon-float gloat her way up, a full hot cup of … Continue reading

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Longing for Borrowed Light

…then you can swallow it, and it’ll all dissolve, see, and the moonbeams would shoot out of your fingers and your toes and the ends of your hair… – George Bailey, It’s a Wonderful Life   .. .. Is it … Continue reading

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.. the start’s a cry, a blur, a wonder. the finish is a fraying string of sorrow. the real story lies in that most mad (and moonly) middle dash.   ..

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Luna, Landing

.. We have made much of this wily moon, her rebel comings and her goings, her invisible tide sky-strings, the quiet way she ducks and dives and dis -appears. Hold her milky skin within your own; set your beat to … Continue reading

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Shadow Sighed

.. Ms. Moon is a dripping wet willowy girl goblin, glowed green in her own wild glare. P(l)uck her from the air and whisp -her low voices to her wall of mist lips, and she’ll come un -done, one last … Continue reading

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Miss Moon

.. She is most mad, really, all frilly in her cloud skirt, just a girl made up of stone and star -dust. This morning, we caught her sneaking home again, up way past her bedtime, still clad in last night’s … Continue reading

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Most Mad and Moonly

.. She’s craving crescent, effervescent sliver, silverfish shivered into indigo sky. She’s carving her full self out of ivory, dipping low into crimson sea and wondering how she came to be quite so gibbous. She’s amphibious, breathing strange in her … Continue reading

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magnetic moon

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