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Found Poem 

We gather things: tender buttons, bits of string, sea glass, chimneysweep soot.  It’s not the stuff of dreams, but it holds us. The murmur of morning, the tick-toxic cluck of clock.  A wayward word. Some lint left overfrom yesterday’s storm.  ::In November, we poem.

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how to get away with murmur 

open cap, tremble penbarely move your jaw or chin.   mutterwhisper underbreath, ink-cantations and syllabled  spells. breathe in, scrawlout small. em-brace your shadow’s  thrum. scribble some.invite a star-ling to join your hum.   ::In April, we poem.

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Mirror Me a Moon

Ask her to hold back those tides, allow me a little slumber, a little folding of the hands, a wane from these skies. She’s borrowing light again, and so am I, steadfast and longing. A tiny slice of lemon in … Continue reading

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a little whoosh or swish

.. her heart speaks to the world in syllables, small murmurs of sound ground up with (rock)salt. if she’s curled a whisper ’round that shimmer-moon, it’s to poem -bounce the world into a leaping of hearts, a crunch of soul. … Continue reading

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of starlings, starts and stars

.. murmur me something in hungry ear; some -(n)ation of flock, and flight. some just-right square for be -ginnings. of significant light. twinkle in some small spin of silence. some mirth of mind. somewhere to find myself steeped in ink-sanity … Continue reading

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between breeze and bloom

  play magnetic poetry here. 

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