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The Dread Pirate Mermaid Princess Poopypants 

I shall not dance for you today, not on fins nor on siren’s sails. Not on confused muse mirrored lake, nor these damned pages.  These quills hold porcupine stingand no lasting high,and I am tired.  Even the syllables of my own name taste like dust. I’ve … Continue reading

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muse me

say hey bard-tender, won’t you please pour me a straight up shot (in the arm) (in the dark) of some rum-bled phrase?  fuse me (shaken, stirred) a word or two to spill, some cocktail napkin poems to fill the time.  lose me to the page, the space -bar rage of fingers flying and syllables sighing in … Continue reading

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poem reparations

she wishes she could fix her muse, air her out in clothes-pinned sunshine, breeze away these blues. perhaps she’ll braid her through dragonclouds or button her to the moon. here, won’t you glue her brittle-broken pieces, shake them loose, fasten … Continue reading

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a muse, me

, colossal in the awakening of my own un -flat skin, husk ……………………-y voice of silence. these schemes of vein and sinew sky sting a phrase to page, ……………………a transferred why.   .. Prompted by Poetic Asides.        … Continue reading

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