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The Dread Pirate Mermaid Princess Poopypants 

I shall not dance for you today, not on fins nor on siren’s sails. Not on confused muse mirrored lake, nor these damned pages.  These quills hold porcupine stingand no lasting high,and I am tired.  Even the syllables of my own name taste like dust. I’ve … Continue reading

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Mermaid Survival Guide

{How to live on dry land when what you really crave are gills.}   .. breathe words. hold bubbled syllables on on hungry tongue. swim sky. allow trees to spin their secrets, un -shelled in acorn, morning song. sing breeze. the … Continue reading

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.. Give me gills. Spill my inky indigo heart to sea, free me to the waves I longed for in my legged days, then let me breathe. Pour me out a siren’s song, some syllabled strain of half light and … Continue reading

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