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On Wheelbarrows and Plums

… A wheelbarrow may be some -thing upon which much(ness) depends, but it is not my nom de plume, not that last plum you ate that was so cold. It has but one wheel, and a tendency for tipping over, … Continue reading

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Din & ’Tonic

.. This poem has no home. It’s not known for throne nor stones or SnoCones. It’s quick, just a schtick to get things flowing, get things growing, get things knowing the right pace for their race, their small place in … Continue reading

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to hold the moon on your hungry tongue

… , first hum her name in scooped vanilla phrase, and let it murmur-melt to silence. drizzle her in dark chocolate sauce sky, with poprock star sprinkles. there’s a milky way shake nearby; just grab a straw and slurp. the … Continue reading

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Manna {What is it?}

              google images .. Apparently, there was no food in their food for awhile there. A couple of ingredients shy of plastic. P r e s e r v a t i v e … Continue reading

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white room

… white walls like fresh snow -fall. tree shed, spread out before me. parch -ment for something more. a whole wide world of words, and i have been given this one small (cage) (rage) (stage) …………………….page.     .. NaPoWriMo, … Continue reading

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leaving the lights on for you

    .. moon sugar smile spooned into sky drizzled in ebony scars, waning sun saffron lozenge on horizon’s tongue, sweet simmered day syllables rising   .. The Double Elevenie is a new-to-me form requested today over at NaPoWriMo, day … Continue reading

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Seedling the Sky

.. The stars will show you the way to press them deep, steep them in their own salt. The Three Sisters need a bit of extra water, a smidge of added laughter; then watch them giggle, grow. This plot of … Continue reading

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