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(a glosa) since feeling is firstwho pays any attentionto the syntax of thingswill never wholly kiss you;– E. E. Cummings  :: we’ve developed a thirst for the ways the world bends, the trends that make and break us, the runways and the head-lines and … Continue reading


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crample-hammed and headed for a nap 

we’ve lost the map and the glisk is fading, so we are saving ourselves for later, bundled  up in moonlight and kindling what is left of our poems, kiddled by the phrases we  once warmed with our own veined ink. we think we’re … Continue reading

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i sing 

, and the blood zings and every metacarpaled thing points to that bony moon. you find me here at the center of the spill and you say “these limbs don’t sway the way they used to” and the trees agree. i wanted … Continue reading

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