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From the Desk of Pan

{Greetings from Neverland}   .. To whom it may conspire, We are all in need of mothers, very badly. Please send lull -abies, bedtime stories, chicken soup. All we got left’s the croup, a noisy angry fairy and a Captain … Continue reading

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.. -Icarus falls from sky on waxen wings, and we wonder just how close we can get to fire, to the ….(boogie) ………… (goat) man with the flute, to the pixie dust cock-a-doodle-do of Never land ………-ing. .. Prompted by PAD … Continue reading

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.. Here we stand, all fairy-shimmer green and keen to catch that dance-dark twist, our sister spilled and skipped across melting bubblestars. With a sinister grin, he leaves the door ajar, an open journey, lulling. Us? We’re strands of (p)rose. … Continue reading

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