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The Fox & the Gazelle 

(Do tell.)  :: They gaze and graze and guzzle,stopping over the winter stream.  Somebody wished on a star, but put a stopper in the jar.  Don’t ask the geese, they’ve got enough flop. (Full stop.) Corn popsthen stops.   How do I love … Continue reading


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Genus (a whole ’nother Species) Bar 

Took the Apple in (cuz locked passwords, swear words, error message number bah-de-bah).  Smart Guy sez there are cookies involved (or was it pastries?) and have I turned them on(what, with my pasties, perhaps?) and also have I             (cracked up) (yes) backed up        (ohhh.) (yeah, no.) my phyl-ums? Of course I have not, because I … Continue reading

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let them eat poems 

(a debacled aubade)  when we’ve had our phil of cake,all we can take of props (and -ganders, gyre and gimble), slander  says (with forked tongue and slithy toves) that we are much too brillig for our britches and flar too mimsy for this moon.  too … Continue reading

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WayBack Alman(i)ac

… ’tis cloudy with a chance of drizzle, weeping willows waiting. our chi texture? swirls and curves, and custom eyes-ed sunrise song. just listen to the hum -ming birds, the snails. the mermaids of this vast wide sea. her childhood … Continue reading

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.. Let’s write our arses off, thumb our noses at the day, scoff and play around with sounds and hyp -hens {cluck} and click and clack our indigo black into a waiting sun. Let’s cockadoodle-do something a whole lot more … Continue reading

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Stopped Completely Before He Turned 21

.. Never mind the silence. He’s a genius, a restless soul who still astonishes the (m)asses with significant ar(t)dent sway. Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder, rounder, more solidly there (with dark brown hair.) Never mind the immediate amp -(m)utation … Continue reading

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For Argument’s Sake

, the fake flavor of this part-pink lady drink makes you a cheap date. Don’t you hate the way the strobe lights fight your face? Wisdom equals work. Start your engines. That’s a perfect match. (Let’s watch it burn.) ……….Bottom’s … Continue reading

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snuffle clopping

(a focus plan for circle time) .. noisy words sound heard when an ovine opines (clop. echo. snuffle.) – cold words running after my hat. thinking briefly at the hobbit’s pockets, the moon chaser minotaur, extremely good at getting things … Continue reading

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