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Curious Content 

(Titles Remix: another poem gone rogue)  We are most mad about the ice(box) poem(s), the flibbertigibbet foldability of flowers fables,Phoenix rising – fluff.  All that flirtingwith disaster, humming schwa and counting all joy (conspiring with dragons).  We (wild girls) breathe like (wee) origami dragons, making sense of sunrise, making much of … Continue reading

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Newton’s law of everything under this broken sun.

  Whisperwhy me something falling. Some taotruth of trees. Some breeze-bled moment(h)um. Brizzle me a skysong, a shambled shunthing I can keep in my most wordled pockets. The world’s gone mad and moonly, love, all warticked and wombled. We must … Continue reading

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Effervescent Garbage Symphony

.. We have had a small spare change epiphany, a scintilla of soft sofa philosophy, a filament of fun dip, a myriad murmur of mud. Diaphanous in its own dumb, this day is drummed by an ethereal plumber. Flotsam. Jetsam. … Continue reading

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