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This is not a ceiling.

It’s a shadowstage holding up the outside-sky,a trampoline bouncing laughter light, conversation dust.  It’s a blank sheet waiting for my words, a sunshine-slatted hope.  This smallbox universe of our own bright building, where I am both fan and sometimes-star.  Mish has us writing object poems over at … Continue reading


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.. See it at center. We walk around it in concentric circles, wonder-wandering. Hear the tock; we are the clock, arrows pointed out -ward as it stands, anti-time. Sublime. You sketch it all you want. I shall paint only with … Continue reading

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{Of words, and eggs}

Photo by Emily Blincoe   …   Perhaps they (the words, the eggs) crave ……..(kingdom, phylum, class,) order in some fiber of their being: shell, albumin, yolk. Or maybe they (these words, those eggs) enjoy the way we like them … Continue reading

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