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April and Everything After 

Orion is teasing us with that belt again, all three sisters showing off their bling.  See, here’s the thing: the sky’s a thick black soup of shardsand our wishes are lost somewhere in all that ebony spill.  We sit quite still and connect the dots.  :: In April, she … Continue reading

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and the sky played on 

she never knew the moon was made of music, orion belting out the blues.  and then she flew, mad as midnight, wild as stars. ::In November, we poem.

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truer than north, yet un 

so we’ve gone whatcha might call a fur piece before we realize we’re  following the wrong star. this one’s fallen, see, and we didn’t notice  the shards or the backwards breezeor the way the trees were trying all  this time to warn … Continue reading

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last call for a wayward moon

Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start…– The Sound of Music Closing time, every new beginningcomes from some other beginning’s end.– Semisonic :: she orders a whiskey, neat(there’s enough that’s on the rocks)and floats alone … Continue reading

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Orion finds another love poem in his belt loop

The three sisters have placed it there, fighting over him again. Good heavens,  but he’s confuzzled, puzzled by all this shine. Tomorrow they will Braille  him sweet nothings in the stars; stitch hima swooning moon of Venus, a Valentine of Mars. Ursa (major, … Continue reading

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Orion’s Song

.. I’m just sitting here with my go-go gadget batman belt, helping re-hang the moon. You said I was your proof of life. I just thought I was lighting your way home.     .. In November, we poem.   

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scribbling on the moon

.. we’ve borrowed Orion’s belt -sander, Icarus’ wax and wane, the silver-tipped nibs of these immediate stars. it’s quite a stretch, this lunar etch-a-sketch , but we hope you’ll read it, …………soon. .. In April, we poem.     

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Loose Thoughts Caught on a Silver Slow-Stitched Thread

.. Listen, here is the thing we might whisper to your waiting ears if you let us; the picture we might paint for you of future endings and un -endings, the case we should argue for the brilliance of forbidden … Continue reading

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16 new ways of looking at the moon

{for she is ever, always, my favorite.} i. she’s a hush-hush hum in a clandestine sky, a whisper in the spiral ears of stars. ii. she’s the smudge-sketched thumbprint tintype of some long -gone goddess. iii. don’t stop looking for … Continue reading

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Orion’s Wheel

…. We steal celestial moments, thread our words through belt loops touched only by gods light years away. We call names. Fall apart. Whistle and wait for the echo of our own syllables. The stars are pin-prick cat prints on … Continue reading

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