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Orion’s Wheel

…. We steal celestial moments, thread our words through belt loops touched only by gods light years away. We call names. Fall apart. Whistle and wait for the echo of our own syllables. The stars are pin-prick cat prints on … Continue reading

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full dance cards

… the stars are falling, calling us out onto this ebony silk sway floor, lulling us to melt our way to shimmered sky. let’s skip rope on Orion’s belt, twist again and crescent moon grin, cloud bubble our troubles and … Continue reading

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The Eschatology of Stars

.. Orion’s got a limited number of belt loops. We’ve confirmed. So if you find yourself just spinning around out there in the middle of all that black scrimshawed sky, buckle your seatbelt, ……………and bring a flashlight.   ..

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following stars

… the sky is ours tonight, black as silk and bright with promise. we’re counting pinpricks of light, keeping time only by a melting moon. orion has loosed his belt, felt our need for bright things to lead our wandering: … Continue reading

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April, and Everything After

.. Spring flung itself on her like a song, a remembering, a salvaged piece of sea glass spun right round to scattered sand. She’s gotta hand it to the moon, broken open too soon, shattered all pretty crescent loose into … Continue reading

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Flying by the Seat of My Pants

(into a westerly wind) . True north has spun, and there’s a slight chance I might soon be one with the sky. If you see me fly by, grab a belt (Orion’s? mine?) loop and let’s regroup somewhere on the … Continue reading

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eyes and arms and heart wide open

(the vigilance of stars)   .. well. i think we might just have something here, lost in all this blue. do you remember the way the earth swelled when you smiled? the wild heart abandon of that breeze? i’ll ask … Continue reading

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