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Follow that yellow brick

Tin man’s on the hunt again. She stole his Oz -heart, wrenched it from his metal chest and  smashed it all to bits. It’s amazing really, how soon  these creaky limbs bounce back, on track, reach for something new. Glue-thick as thieves. Red as … Continue reading

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There’s no place like ho(me).

We’ve danced these saffron cobbled streets, somehow summoned heart brains courage and (sorta stolen) a fine pair of crimson shoes.  We’ve pulled back the curtain and seen for certain that wizards witches wars aren’t worth their weight or worry.  We’ve clicked our heels and scurried away from  munchkins meanies monkeys and all manner of nonsense from earth … Continue reading

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.. there are dragons, of course and some of them are wearing tutus and striped socks (because who can control these things?) and one sings acapella showtunes and shrugs feather-boa’d scaled shoulders at the world and you and you and … Continue reading

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follow the yellow brick

rode our way south hard and fast and furious as all ………….{get out}, watched the sun dip low and slow like a lemon …….dum-dum lollipop song. clicked our heels and kicked ’em up, headed for AnywhereButHere and OverThere and someplace … Continue reading

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Spinning Wheels and Ruby Shoes

-Zwobel   . Falling’s not the problem, really. (Landing sucks, but she’s about to shake it off.) It’s the bent pedal. The handle bars askew. The achoo of a moment when the whole world is upside-down and the sky is … Continue reading

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