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and still, she is writing about smallish dragons

because she can feel their hot breath on her neck, the weight of their scales and talons in the tresses of her hair. they’ve got a thou -sand whispered things, and she is but one pen -dulum, swinging. they’ve got … Continue reading

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as it turns out,

  … we are smallish dragons, wayward songs, tiny poems waiting to be caught …….{fought, taught} by the tail, flailed in storms.     ..

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Pen(dulum)-ing (more Poe,ums)

.. poeming can be the pits unless you sits and pens a quick one. We are masqued and tasked only to de ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-light.   ..

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penning tiny Poe (um)

… when we have had enough of (n)ever -more, we shall free our world-walled heart {its stops, its starts} and just watch that black bird fly.   ..

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