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luna, see?

call me half -crazy, some crescent-style smile, but sometimes that’s all of me i let you see.  i’ve got a darker side.  howl away.  but call me full, and i’ll show you, fool:  whether i’m giving you the cold shoulder, out for bloodor feeling blue, i’m always  waxingwaning  crazy like … Continue reading

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persona john grata

they call me porcelain throne, head (of what, pray tell?), latrinepowder room crapper loo.  but(t), youknow what? it’s time to shut your potty mouth.  truth is, i’m tanked. plumb(-ing) stuck.  wiped out.  i’m not just yourcomfort station.  this is a dirty job, really, the pits. #1: your aim’s to blame. #2: it stinks! you just sit and … Continue reading

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non grata

call me ishmael or that guy ……..(bueller…bueller) at the back of the class who never answers. call me un -invited, for that is what i am, though I have showed up anyway with snacks. call me late for dinner latent … Continue reading

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Dragon Song

.. There’s a longing trem -bled within her, a bitter embered fire, an unquiet wanting. She aches to feel exquisite in her own fine scaled skin, dance within some happy web of wings. String her tail with syllables of treble, … Continue reading

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.. I am December’s darker sister, unspangled, halls decked only in hope, resolution, a fugue of fog and chill and willpower oft broken by the halfmark. I am deep in debt and the un -veiled threat of days spooled out … Continue reading

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non grata

(hagar’s boy) .. i am the unwelcome one, the shadowed son of the handmaid, the Egyptian outcast. call me ishmael. father of broken nations, lesser lands, blessed less and born outside the plan. i have been scorned and warned of … Continue reading

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