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groovy mystery {no rules cool}

    magnetic poetry 

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and still, she is writing about smallish dragons

because she can feel their hot breath on her neck, the weight of their scales and talons in the tresses of her hair. they’ve got a thou -sand whispered things, and she is but one pen -dulum, swinging. they’ve got … Continue reading

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because her skin is paper thin

.. , this poem is aching, forsaking all others and staking her claim. she poems in sigh -lence and strain, drains her(selves) of salt, and ink. she thinks in phrase, praises the page, this sky-scarred poet in scumbled, scattered bliss. … Continue reading

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Stop Me (If You’ve Heard This One Before)

… So, this poet walks into a ……..{space} …..bar and hyphen -ate hydrates herself with a trochee or two, and begins pledging ………..poems to a metered moon. Soon, the stars are all (g)listening, until they just can’t stop. ……………………Cue ……………………the … Continue reading

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these poems that do not love me back

… the ones that lack depth and breadth and breath. i’ll stack them up from end to end, befriend their swollen sorrow, their swallowed songs. i’ll long await the day they re -member how to play and dance, entrance the … Continue reading

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Petulant Poem

… I left her in her room to stew on her own syllables, but she’s still bent on bugging out instead of hugging it out, and no doubt any moment now she’ll run away and I’ll be putting up posters … Continue reading

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