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Everything’s Eventual

… The way the sky cracks open to the beat of her most unmetered feet. The way her heart tunes itself to a new moon with each dawn. The birdsong that builds her heart a home, fills her throat with … Continue reading

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Camels, Eyes & Needles

… It’s hump day, and she’s gotta say the piling up challenges of this desert place are starting to make her crazy. She’s dotted all the i’s and crossed more than t’s and tried to please the masses and the … Continue reading

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Err, Apparent

… She is holding an un -quiet dragon under her skin, the line -age of whom can be traced back many moons, monsoons and slow gulf stream storms. She has mumbled and fum -bled her way into some smallish spaces … Continue reading

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.. I won’t try to fix you , if you’ll just let me fly.   .. prompted by poetic asides.   

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Breathing Room

.. Make a ceiling of this sky, indigo in all its glory. Embrace the bound -aries of this room, this infinite space, this place we’ve been given to inhale and exhale and grow to know our -selves, each other. Gather … Continue reading

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if i’d only listened to the hum of my own heart

.. , perhaps i might have stopped trying to name my song, before the middle strains were done. perhaps i might have wanted less, and wand -ered more, roamed the floors of my own hope. perhaps i might have stored … Continue reading

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A Stolen Sun Dying on a Distant Shore

When the day’s given its fill, …..I am still. Lying here, an untied moor …..searching for some remnant of the coast. …..Your ghost haunts these shifting sands the most. With salty sighs, I realize ……….I am still searching for your … Continue reading

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