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Dandelion Fluff

.. They say size doesn’t matter and then they say dream big, but I prefer these tiny breaths and the way the breeze teases my heart into flight. You blink at all that sacred spotlight; I think I’ll save myself … Continue reading

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of thrones

we reign and roam in intricate stone -faced poker skies. you raise; i’ll fold my hands and praise the storms that rise. we deal and dwell in joy that’s spelled in sorrow’s songs. you show; i’ll tell the world to … Continue reading

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Play, and other Sacred Grounds

.. We’re merry (go-round and round and round) enough, thank you. For once, we’ll take a generous portion of swing and sway , with a poem on the (other) ………………..s(l)ide.   .. Prompted by Poetic Asides.  

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Bad Blood Blues

Hey won’t you play another somebody done somebody wrong song? – B.J. Thomas   .. Nah. I have grown weary of heart -ache and heartbreak and the un -quiet mistakes that unravel us, whole ; the strains that stain our … Continue reading

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Dandelion Kites in the Storm

let all go – the big small middling tall bigger really the biggest and all things – let all go dear so comes love – E.E. Cummings .. There’s a little girl twirling in the park over there; see her? … Continue reading

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.. sometimes they spark if you hit them just right, let them bump and grind, find their way along felt. we talk and chalk a few things up to strong drinks and weakness, the way the tables have turned, the … Continue reading

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Hesitations of the Dawn

We forget her scar -let dress is just for early risin’, surprisin’ us with all its crimson silk applause. Pause, take a second ………..look , and book a table for two near the horizon.   .. Prompted by Poetic Asides.  … Continue reading

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