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spitting at the sun

she’s too hot too handle, and so the boys take action, look up and fire away. …………gravity laughs.   .. Advertisements

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16 new ways of looking at the moon

{for she is ever, always, my favorite.} i. she’s a hush-hush hum in a clandestine sky, a whisper in the spiral ears of stars. ii. she’s the smudge-sketched thumbprint tintype of some long -gone goddess. iii. don’t stop looking for … Continue reading

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Traffic Report

.. There’s a woman in that beat-up Volvo with a secret, and she’s carrying it all the way to the coast in a borrowed suitcase. The ’87 Honda’s got a warning light on, but the couple hasn’t noticed; they’ve got … Continue reading

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Eye Cues

.. She’s smart as hell, off the charts really, but right now she’s batting a thousand with those baby blues, like she’s got some kind of secret world behind them. And in case you haven’t noticed, she does, and she’s … Continue reading

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Portrait of a Rogue and Rebel Heart

Shhhh , and I’ll tell you one small snapshot secret: it’s got stops and starts and a staggered, stuttered b   e   a   t. Don’t take a picture; it won’t last longer. Just stand quite still awhile ……and ……………listen.   ..

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small blooms

thou answerest them only with spring – E.E. Cummings  .. too soon, these skies will make themselves known as pirate waters: tumultuous, stirred dark and deep. steeped in skeletal clouds and masthead thunder. we’ll wonder how we ever found the sun. … Continue reading

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Refresher Courses

.. Today, we will be reacquainting ourselves with the logarithms of this breeze, the angles of these trees and the squint of sunray-slant, perpendicular in the sky. Parlez vous francais? Me, neither. But the way the lavender is calling and … Continue reading

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