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We Regret to Inform You

… This poem knows nothing new of note. Nothing notable nor news worthy. Nothing even slightly south of sane. It’s got no goods, not even on the down low. No get up and go when it comes to bending an … Continue reading

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storm fairy

… so, listen: you’re either well -weathered wit(her), or you’re not. if you’ve caught her ……..(net, pocket, palm) you know the moment -airy calm she brings be fore. her satin ribbon hair’s a syllabic squall wibble-wobbly woven through this sky. … Continue reading

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I Am a Star of Dubious Shine

… A poem of question -able alignment. I am bic ker(n)ing with my own skin, beginning to find my self fallen. I am 5am and light not yet shed and salt stirring sans sea. I am three sheets ………(of paper) … Continue reading

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… She spills her soul to storm and wills her self to soar, and quills her words some more along these sacred shores.   .. Written for Poetic Asides. 

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Human, Divine

… We hold our scars close to chest, rest our flitter-fluttered hands against our tired breasts; err our differences and breathe out all these things we cannot change. We for -get {where, when} we got all this pain, all this … Continue reading

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(after William Carlos Williams) .. so much depends upon the polka-dotted ladybug flitting to and fro, finishing the sentences.   .. Prompted by Poetic Asides. 

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Land of Lyrics

.. She waits under a shattered sky for something to crack loose, fly into her waiting soul – some syllable of song, some righted wrong, some dragon tail of hum -bled phrase that might unlock the sun. She plays the … Continue reading

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