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for your consideration 

(a nonet) :: let’s ponder the way the sunlight slantsthe rush and hush of breeze in trees a bumblebee’s mumbled songa dragon-cloud passing a cobalt bowl skysunflower hope; the proof that keeps us wild.  :: Day 9 for NaPoWriMo.

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Sevenling (Convicted)

Convicted by sunrise the changing seasonthe wayward voice of a shifting breeze ,  we play at staying chasing a lost raceholding greatness on hungry tongues. The day holds sentences we cannot serve.  

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Hourglass Songs

Keep this under your hat, beneath your skin: let’s begin as smashed hope and promise, a small smidgen of something sound. This stopwatch is set to ‘run’ – maybe we’ll see our turn and learn a thing or two, one … Continue reading

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Dewey Decima(l) System

.. Madame Librarian, a word: The card catalogue is broken. It’s been awhile since we’ve spoken, and perhaps you haven’t yet heard (on the phone, or by little bird), that my book has just been published. Now, some say that … Continue reading

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I’m Half Crazy, part deux

Hours 11, 12 and 13 had to be created on paper, at church, after checking the prompts on my phone. I tried to post from my phone, but as I suspected, technology (or lack of therein) revolted. .   Hour … Continue reading

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Sevenling (made up of marble, mud)

…. If my name is Ishmael, Jezebel, mud, how then shall I build this house? Sticks and straw are fleeting, and my bleeding brick heart is worn. Will you trade me your best aggie for this blue and green orb? … Continue reading

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