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a postcard to my sometimes self 

wish you were hearing the whisper of trees the wisdom of breeze and hum-twitter buzz, eyes held by dragon-stir of clouds and deep sigh-sky.  wish you were here in this moment before it wanders right on by.  In November, we poem.

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post-it notes to my sometimes selves

“She wanted so to be tranquil, to be someone who took walks in the late-afternoon sun, listening to the birds and crickets and feeling the whole world breathe. Instead, she lived in her head like a madwoman locked in a … Continue reading

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a few lines from the farthest star

i am still here , connecting the dots on the constellation ……….of your smile. please send ink. lime, and tequila. {I am making my own salt.}   .. .. a second offering for my postcard poem prompt over at dVerse. there’s … Continue reading


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a tiny bit of news from the other side

        a postcard poem for my own prompt over at dVerse. come play!  

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From the Desk of Pan

{Greetings from Neverland}   .. To whom it may conspire, We are all in need of mothers, very badly. Please send lull -abies, bedtime stories, chicken soup. All we got left’s the croup, a noisy angry fairy and a Captain … Continue reading

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Postcard from Upstairs

It’s colder now, and quiet. I know I said I couldn’t take it anymore but my toes miss yours and I found my earplugs. Come back to bed and all will be forgiven.   .. Written for Quickly’s Winter Doldrums.  … Continue reading

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