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Slipper Story

Cinderella (dressed in yella, or maybe princess baby blue) is oh-my-gourd tired of all this bibbidi bobbidi boo -sheet nonsense of waiting for her (someday) prince to come.  She isn’t made of glow or glass, and you can bet your (ask the fairy godmother) broom she’s got more than chores and … Continue reading

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Long Story, Short

Rapunzel’s had enough, and she’s about to leave this damn tower of her own un-tressed power, just cut on outta here, just as soon as she can find some shears.  PAD Challenge, day 15.

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banished from the castle

  . She’s the giggle at a funeral. ………..– from “Take Me to Church,” by Hozier … she’s been flung outside again to think on it, consider her royal calling, the grace from which she’s forever falling. she of dirty … Continue reading

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Skewing Toward the Sky

This poem is a fair …….(maiden) in a bright tower, sticky with cotton candy clouds and crowds of dark (k)nights in dashing star-spilled skin. She’s in it for the pop -corn, you know, the equality that only comes from tumbled … Continue reading

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Dragon Fodder

I’m quite certain I shall be delicious, all crunchy toasted marshmallow center. But first, you exquisite beasty, let’s dance. For I have ever been more enamored of your scaly sway than a thousand simpering princes. You lead. I’ll stay. I … Continue reading

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Princess Waiting

.. She’s finally let down her hair, bit both bullet and apple, grappled with gadgets and gizmos and thingamabobs galore, tamed beasts. The least he could do is show up. On time. With a little glint of hope. ………..Nope.   … Continue reading

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After All Those Evers

  .. She sleeps , and her spun-gold tresses spindle down these cobbled castle walls. The feeling of gossamer against her skin, and a gentle mourning for fragile footwear. A half -bitten apple. A fading rose. A watchtower, the call … Continue reading

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cutting off your hair (and other unconventional uses for a sword)

. nobody knows she feels small in the wee hours of the morning, watching the moon fade in this world of magic mirrors and tower cages and identities tied to golden tresses long enough to climb. nobody asked her if … Continue reading

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