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because her skin is paper thin

.. , this poem is aching, forsaking all others and staking her claim. she poems in sigh -lence and strain, drains her(selves) of salt, and ink. she thinks in phrase, praises the page, this sky-scarred poet in scumbled, scattered bliss. … Continue reading

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like a river

(Monet)    … I am shaken, stirred, blurred he leads me into something that can breathe, beside the still never left drowning in my own salt waters.   .. Written for Margo’s Tuesday Tryouts. 

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Bell My U(nigh,verse) City {Pic: Sea Dust}

… Lemme ’splain my spleen: Sophie’s choice was a CT scan(-tilly clad) stir -fry cook monk chanting in {pig}Latin. (ixnay on the awn mower, lei) Long story short (straight dark hair): we blew a gasket, ordered a casket in pine, … Continue reading

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Packing Tape

He’s solid rock under my feet, breathing room for my soul.  – Psalm 62:2   .. The day she found her heart to be an uninhabitable room (small, dark, stifling) a cage of her own wild ………………making a closet full … Continue reading

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p(s)alming your soul

. hold it out ………………………..and up, an empty cup sighing …………………………….to a listening sky. .

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Morning Psalm

. You rose that golden shine right up into the sky again, spread a bright blue blanket of hope over my head. You swirled the clouds around to cotton all my sharp edges. You found me here broken, sang me … Continue reading

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