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waking up slow

7:02am and the Christmas tree’s still winking open the day, (de)lights playing against fragrant fir. she stirs, fuzzy pup soft and not quite ready for the absence of down. Prompted by Miz Q, day 7. 

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Puppy Breath

… The rise and fall of her chest, slight snore-whimper of dreaming, whisker flick fluff-fall of heart. Caramel curl -sleepy puppy girl. One crimped ear, black smudge muzzle; a nuzzle of cool wet nose. Fuzzy pause.   .. Our beloved … Continue reading

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..   convention says it’s time to start this day, but there’s a funny furry face that wants …………..to play.     ..

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obedience class

“It is a terrible thing for an old woman to outlive her dogs.” – Tennessee Williams .. love comes in furry paws and sloppy kiss and bounding bliss that defies the laws of gravity. it comes in a warm lap … Continue reading

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