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Ash Sky, Falling

The dark creeps deep, steeps my poemed breath in star-skin and silence. Once upon a time, you might have waited here with me, among these falling cherry blossom kites. This one last night. Now, I rise, leaving nothing behind but … Continue reading

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Burn Before Reading

, then sit by the firelight and bask in the glow. Form your own words of glass and sand and tempered phrase. Raise your hands to a burning moon; all these words are embers waiting, going somewhere soon. Watch them … Continue reading

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a little whoosh or swish

.. her heart speaks to the world in syllables, small murmurs of sound ground up with (rock)salt. if she’s curled a whisper ’round that shimmer-moon, it’s to poem -bounce the world into a leaping of hearts, a crunch of soul. … Continue reading

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of starlings, starts and stars

.. murmur me something in hungry ear; some -(n)ation of flock, and flight. some just-right square for be -ginnings. of significant light. twinkle in some small spin of silence. some mirth of mind. somewhere to find myself steeped in ink-sanity … Continue reading

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this poem is not a

.. lulled leapdance nor bubbled-balloon, springdrizzle-dawn, cloudspark spawn. it’s neither curli-cued, open-stormshadowed nor leaving the creakrockcrunch of shimmer-spill. still, we hope it pepper-rose-spices your free-bliss dreamsoul, twist-skips grinmeltshimmer bones. Echo-sounds the dawn’s bouncekick, leaves green-breezespill, roses. this poem’s a journey … Continue reading

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this was not necessarily the thing I wanted, but that thing flew away

.. i do know why the caged bird sings; i also know why they cage the bird. these pondered, wander -wondered words, these pieces of my poem -heart, these winged things, they plot their escape from the moment they’re breathed. … Continue reading

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because her skin is paper thin

.. , this poem is aching, forsaking all others and staking her claim. she poems in sigh -lence and strain, drains her(selves) of salt, and ink. she thinks in phrase, praises the page, this sky-scarred poet in scumbled, scattered bliss. … Continue reading

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