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the sky’s a curio cabinet of stars, with her at center

it gets curiouser and curious-er, her fascination with that sky sand dollar,that noble star scholar, mama moon. she swoons at crescent smile, a fine fool for full. you can question her about it some, but she has no words. only hum, and shine.  It’s Quadrille Monday over at … Continue reading

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she’s all uppity, in her bright april sky

spring’s got the bothers again,her bloom-ers all up in a tither, scattered hither-and-yon with yawn of breeze.  she’s got trees to woo,things to do, bees to boo into buzz.  sunshine’s waitingfor her to blushbudcry; hex and vex that startled stolen sky.  The Quadrille’s mine over at dVerse … Continue reading

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Scrabbling It In

She tastes the new year slowlypondering clouds on tongue sacred slices of sky, tabasco-tang of sun. ,The world’s got a way of craving falling-stars, symphony wishes.  She swishes in a ninja star for good measure, a babble of brook,                      a dabble of moon.  It’s Quadrille Monday … Continue reading

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Abide (an Aubade)

Crack open that bright blue dawn and watch the sun yawn and stretch again, begin to light our f(l)ight.  We raise wings and sing, abide in deeper things than the morrows and sorrows of this place. This day, we find grace in the staying.  :: it’s Quadrille … Continue reading

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un-imping the ossibles

that tiny imp is at it again, taking what is -erfectand turning it to dust. stealing what is -robable and dressing it in muss.  we take all these minuses and gift ourselves the poss, knowing anything is possible if we can (s)imply                                       trust.  :: written for today’s Quadrille over at dVerse. I’m … Continue reading

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true north waiting

she is particle dust parched on desert floor, thrust far from the magnet Blue of true.  point her upand just let go; you know she’ll make her way back someday when she’s had her fill of still cobalt.  today, the sky will do.    …       … Continue reading

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poem reparations

she wishes she could fix her muse, air her out in clothes-pinned sunshine, breeze away these blues. perhaps she’ll braid her through dragonclouds or button her to the moon. here, won’t you glue her brittle-broken pieces, shake them loose, fasten … Continue reading

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one lone falling

… she finds herself in mysterious skin, flush with ……(premise) promise, but hemmed ………(and hawed) in. she is just beginning to (accent) accept this new frame, these [brackets] and //bars//. she works ….(dances, runs, rhymes) to unravel this quiet dis … Continue reading

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murmur stone

    A second Quadrille offering, created at magnetic poetry. 

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daisy roar

she boasts a mane, after all, the right to call sun to center. white -petalled promises with up -roarious squalls of lovesme, lovesmenot. we’ve got her in our fists, given her too much power. spent hours hoping over flowered phrase, … Continue reading

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