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pretty how towns

we find ourselves (insideout, downside -up), in those places where anyone might call us (sunmoonstarsrain) crazy. tomorrow’s hazy, is it not? we’re daisy-chained, wind-caught, so why not? let’s hitch up our horses our heels our frowns , and take that … Continue reading

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Hurricane Heart

.. I thought we were at war ………..before. The twister-tangled words, the crimson anger swirl, the broken glass. The hurt you hurled as you were leaving. The crash of anger -lightning, shattered zen. And then: this cloud (-stirred,shaken) ………..sky, spiked … Continue reading

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Silver Bells, Cockle Shells, Pretty Maids

my blood approves and kisses are a better fate than wisdom lady i swear by all flowers. – E.E. Cummings  .. She’s fussing about out there in the garden again, cussing out the flowers. Loves me, loves -me-nots, forget-me-dids. Shattered … Continue reading

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Chameleon Moon

She winks and mocks from a curious sky, golden one moment, silver the next and trying hard to play peek-a-blue with all these clueless clouds. She’s a wily one, and before you can quite catch her, fetch her, she changes … Continue reading

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Pahrump Valley High Cheer Squad, circa 1987    .. They provide the skirt; the smirk, she’s already got. She’s caught between childhood and the world, wielding nothing but a pair of pom-poms. She’s got cheers for fears and all the … Continue reading

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daisy chain gang

Thy fingers make early flowers of all things. – E.E. Cummings   .. listen, i’ll tell you a secret: He loves you. there is no knot, no tangled web of stemmed hate nonsense-talk that says we aren’t for each other. … Continue reading

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Just between you, me and the fence post

(wink, wink) , I think it’s all gonna be okay. I think love wins. I think the day gets saved by one small smile. I think the miles get paved in hope. I think we drink from saucers, over -flowing … Continue reading

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