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Hurricane Heart

.. I thought we were at war ………..before. The twister-tangled words, the crimson anger swirl, the broken glass. The hurt you hurled as you were leaving. The crash of anger -lightning, shattered zen. And then: this cloud (-stirred,shaken) ………..sky, spiked … Continue reading

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Silver Bells, Cockle Shells, Pretty Maids

my blood approves and kisses are a better fate than wisdom lady i swear by all flowers. – E.E. Cummings  .. She’s fussing about out there in the garden again, cussing out the flowers. Loves me, loves -me-nots, forget-me-dids. Shattered … Continue reading

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Chameleon Moon

She winks and mocks from a curious sky, golden one moment, silver the next and trying hard to play peek-a-blue with all these clueless clouds. She’s a wily one, and before you can quite catch her, fetch her, she changes … Continue reading

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Pahrump Valley High Cheer Squad, circa 1987    .. They provide the skirt; the smirk, she’s already got. She’s caught between childhood and the world, wielding nothing but a pair of pom-poms. She’s got cheers for fears and all the … Continue reading

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daisy chain gang

Thy fingers make early flowers of all things. – E.E. Cummings   .. listen, i’ll tell you a secret: He loves you. there is no knot, no tangled web of stemmed hate nonsense-talk that says we aren’t for each other. … Continue reading

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Just between you, me and the fence post

(wink, wink) , I think it’s all gonna be okay. I think love wins. I think the day gets saved by one small smile. I think the miles get paved in hope. I think we drink from saucers, over -flowing … Continue reading

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Got Stuck

in the muck. In my truck. (Just bad luck.) Tried to flee. Silly me. Feet got tucked in that muck with my truck. (Aw, shucks.) Pulled ’em loose. Lost my shoes. (Bad news.) Still here. Oh, dear. Mud in ear. … Continue reading

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Graffiti on a Broken Sky

  .. Paintbrush-hush (guilty, guileless) me a rebel heart, an unquiet start a whispered want and a place to hold my still long-fractured hope. Then soft (and sound and soon), steal me some long-lost wisp of cloud, harboring a sunrise … Continue reading

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Where We Live

Oh, we’ve got our share of glass ……………(houses, ……………ceilings, ……………thrones). We’ve cast the first. We’ve been the last one standing in a pebbled storm. We’ve swarmed the castle. We’ve bled, and mourned; lost and won. Let’s drop our stones and … Continue reading

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of starlings, starts and stars

.. murmur me something in hungry ear; some -(n)ation of flock, and flight. some just-right square for be -ginnings. of significant light. twinkle in some small spin of silence. some mirth of mind. somewhere to find myself steeped in ink-sanity … Continue reading

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