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a wish, a rant, a roar

.. a small stirring in the slow hollows of her bones. a hallowed breath of broken wayward shaken sky. a sigh. a song. the long long stretch of day. a freckled thought that says she is ungrowing. a fraction caught … Continue reading

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Because I have not had my fill of falling

  , I am taking off my shoes and standing barefoot at the edge of it all once again, shouting nonsense-something to my echo-self and asking her to keep me company, fill this lonely void with laughter’s roar until the … Continue reading

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daisies raising faces to a star-spilled sky

go ahead, please. keep the world at bay while i bray at this moon. the sky’s got a crazy way of healing me at center, a tune that’s set to stun – the only one that can uncrumple my petaled … Continue reading

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won’t you spirit me away to moon or mountain or ocean sway, say that salt and sea are all we need? see, let’s just feel the breeze, squeeze ourselves into some smaller space, erase the fears. lace hands. scribble our … Continue reading

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poem crack{warning}

.. this poem may be habit-forming, causing the need to read others, wrestle pen. it’s a gateway scribble, really, that first taste of rhythm-rhyming zen you didn’t know you needed. to breathe. a smudge of sky. a wisp of why. … Continue reading

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The Remains of All Things Scattered, Small

 .. She has not yet learned a passion or pen -chant for pockets, boxes, jars or bins. Her heart: all chambers full to overflowing. And so she holds her breath in all the dry and quiet spaces, in keeping with … Continue reading

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Pouring hope from tea leaves

, we wish upon whatever we can scrounge: these shattered stars, the kitefluff of a drunken dandelion sun and one last candle’s kiss. It tastes like copper -penny fountains and a stolen horseshoe score, a broken silver skystone all aquiver … Continue reading

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