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Scrabbling It In

She tastes the new year slowlypondering clouds on tongue sacred slices of sky, tabasco-tang of sun. ,The world’s got a way of craving falling-stars, symphony wishes.  She swishes in a ninja star for good measure, a babble of brook,                      a dabble of moon.  It’s Quadrille Monday … Continue reading

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un-imping the ossibles

that tiny imp is at it again, taking what is -erfectand turning it to dust. stealing what is -robable and dressing it in muss.  we take all these minuses and gift ourselves the poss, knowing anything is possible if we can (s)imply                                       trust.  :: written for today’s Quadrille over at dVerse. I’m … Continue reading

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she shoots for the moon when it comes to some things, wishing stars, truth, trees that sing. life.  laughter, the kind that ringsthrough the house like music.  she’s happiest             (of happenstance                     of happy chance) near water, but you’ll find her here, dancing.  Lill’s got us happy-ing over the … Continue reading

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true north waiting

she is particle dust parched on desert floor, thrust far from the magnet Blue of true.  point her upand just let go; you know she’ll make her way back someday when she’s had her fill of still cobalt.  today, the sky will do.    …       … Continue reading

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purple diamond delirious

Quadrille #2. Come play! Play magnetic poetry here.     

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Borrowed Light

Even  After All this time The Sun never says to the Earth, “You owe me.” Look What happens With a love like that, It lights the whole sky. ― Hafiz  .. … We wonder if we’ll ever get the hang of … Continue reading

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Eve’s Dropping

And that full fierce moon is rising again, untying again, setting herself loose, a balloon unstringed. She’s got a whole new helium-heck of hallowed …………………..(waning) reasons why , and those trees are setting their limbs for (l)eavesdropping, finding new space … Continue reading

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ambivalent bumfuzzled poet

.. i just don’t wanna play today                   (no way), just wanna sit on my bum and say     (oh, hey!) let’s build a blankey fort and doodle away some time, … Continue reading

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searching for color in a desert world

this is no garden place, these terra cotta hills and mountain face. she aches for blue beyond this sky, some rainbow’d why. but still she finds a slip of pink to fuel her ink; a bramble of crimson, that golden … Continue reading

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poem reparations

she wishes she could fix her muse, air her out in clothes-pinned sunshine, breeze away these blues. perhaps she’ll braid her through dragonclouds or button her to the moon. here, won’t you glue her brittle-broken pieces, shake them loose, fasten … Continue reading

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