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five {crazy} answers to the sane question 

i.smallish voodoo dolls shaped like dragons, lined up in opposite roygbiv.  ii.crocus-crocodiles pushing up snow with icy stamin teeth.  iii.a brief respite from the wind: a corner news-stand. ink.  iv.a wide maw of sky; a smudge of stars.  v. but nobody asked  you? true.  ::Today’s attempt for NaPoWriMo, day 18.


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which came first?

the chicken (a good egg, really) crossed the road(we wonder why), perhaps to try and find out if the sky (why blue?) was really falling.  we’re calling it a draw,this Q&A, this interrogative way we have of (who what when where why) dubiety and pondered piety.  and yet we ask for heaven’s sake,how many … Continue reading

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What Say Ye?

We entertain the mad. They whisper. – from “Tea Ceremony” by G.C. Waldrep .. Drink me …….(shrink me) down to nothing -ness, the best guess bliss of stirred honey, quiet leaves left.   Think me ……(blink me) sane, in small stages … Continue reading

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The Oracle of the Interrogative

(a found poem inspired by 10 questions for the universe) .. Why is the sky blue? an embarrassment, a robot programmed to destroy, a dying planet Why does the caged bird sing? wishful thinking the landlady slips under the door … Continue reading

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