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Two, too Quickly

‘ku (dos) for the sky in praise of stars  sharp shards of sea glass in a broken open sky,scattered deep as sighs :: palming psalms O, the awe of trees waving limbs to sacred blue aching to know the sun’s fire  ::Quickly day 8.

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Clacking Back 

The morning speaks in cobblestone braille and snail trail goo. You might think my toes would have a go at it all, but my fingers are  what’s itchy. Twitchy with time and not enough time and rhyme that isn’t  jiving. Arrival’s easy; it’s staying that’s a trick. … Continue reading


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Quickly, Quickly Now.

Come in, come in! We’ve got phrasal funand tasty bunsboth hai- and cinnamon. We’ve got windchimesand silly rhymesand muddy iambic feet, some words to spillsome space to fill,a whole fresh day to greet. Come with us down this rabbit hole(we’re … Continue reading

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Quickly. Quickly now.

.. Tell the sky she’s bold and beautiful and vast and strong. Tell the ocean she’s got someplace else to go. Tell the world we’ve got a song to sing to all these spaces, broken places stitched together with ash … Continue reading

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Mast (Mask) and Sail

I dreamed I was more than moored, but less than Lake. That the shaking of these limbs (this breeze) was about more than trees (and less than song.) I dreamed I belonged to the sea, and that she gave me … Continue reading

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Pocketing Blue

… Okay, the horizon’s gone a little murky and the air -waves are a cacophony of argumentation and delineation and falsification and hate. We debate and we try to satiate our hunger with happenstance instead of hope. We grope around … Continue reading

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Tuesday Night at the Howard Johnson’s

    Barb’s all frizzle-frazzled again; they’ve been hoppin’ since the show (Girls! Girls! Girls!) let out, a bunch of loudmouthed louts shouting against the sizzle of the grill. But the tips are good and her kid needs shoes and … Continue reading

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Waggling a Dodgeball Sky

.. We interrupt this regularly scheduled broadcast to bring you this small sting of stars, this long string (theory) of cars headed straight out of the city. Have you broken any laws as of late? Gravity? Gravitas? A brusque briskling … Continue reading

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Construction (Paper) Zone

.. She tames the world in poems, orange cones placed care -fully to define the lines and bound -aries of her own un -broken soul. Fold her origami style, smile when she meanders across the dotted lines again, stains herself … Continue reading

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.. We need some string to tether the moon when it flees the sky. We need a still slipknot that holds as loose as a hand’s whisper, and a shadow shawl of nightspill to pad the ache that fills the … Continue reading

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