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Things We Said in the Storm 

The sky’s a hurry-cane scrim,but we’re still scribbling light-ning above the din.  We promised ourselves we wouldn’t hide, even as the cloud cauldron stirred.  And when we thought we might run out of time, we plucked our own feathers to write these lines.  :: In … Continue reading

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fill me, quill me

,  for my fingers are feeblesmall sisters that cannot sayanything by them-selves.

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snails with swords

medieval manuscript marginalia      … when the …….s     l     o     w sluggasluggaslugga of life leaves them wanting to slough off their shells, they take up sword and shield, coat of arms for one with none. she {poet, holding feathered … Continue reading

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Against the Strand

.. Three blackbirds etch their signature across a sapphire shore swollen with sunlight. She quills her own song in the snow with tail feathers and broken ink.   .. Prompted by toads. The word group I worked up was: swollen   … Continue reading

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Quill Dawn

(an ovillejo) .. .. Some small, unbroken begun bliss – …and in this: the moon’s a smile, a curved-fine …shadowed line. This slivered shining world apart …might find your heart smoothed into something new to start. Hold onto filament of … Continue reading

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petaled pages of love

.. we quench our thirst with feathered spell, and poems fall like early flowers. ..    

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Fledgling Thoughts, Caught

.. They are the stuff of fluff, and float. Of pillows and bed and quiet nesting. Of arrow quest and scritching quill. Of flutter. Of hollow bones and hope and reasons to fly. We collect them in jars and quivers, … Continue reading

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spilt ilk

… she’s of that kind that likes ink, the spill of it, the thrill of it, the will of it to smear itself to page in love or tears or rage. she’s cut from indigo sky-cloth, swathed in cloudskin. Trimmed … Continue reading

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