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on authority of rain 

:: the sky’s in a moodand so are we, puddle lush-ious and fancy-free.  ::

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umbrella heavens

the year has taken much, and left us hollow.  we count sorrowson both hands and watchthe cold doors close. i suppose   of all these wayward things, i miss my -self the most.  i search the sky for rain and other groovy ghosts. It’s Quadrille Monday … Continue reading


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After the Rain

You say you want to go into the city to see the lights and I’m all about that smile, and so I say yes, and we are on our way with nothing between us but the sway of the radio’s … Continue reading

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{for the rain, with its ‘such small hands’}   .. It matters what we said between these droplets, before the storm before that violent sky cracked open before the thunder stole our voice. We held pools, lakes, oceans in hesitant … Continue reading

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Pocket Storms

… I have decided ……………(she thunders) that these last cold drops are mine, …..saved for a sunny day when arched and angry eyebrows know the sky shines quite too bright and I need just one little plop of …………….rain to … Continue reading

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: much wanted, he put an end to night, to the boundaries of water, west, wizard, a particular kind of scattering. A bundle mouth amongst want. Members of the sacred, of mud and mist. Of extended arms, beckoned clouds. When … Continue reading

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rain shine

    play magnetic poetry here.   

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.. it’s a doozy, this catawumpus flummox be ……………-fuddle, meant. this tailspin blunder …..-ment won’t stop. she’s feeling boozy, though she hasn’t drunk ……………………..a drop. she’s dizzy, in a tizzy (hope there’s no quizzy ………..at the end). she’s busy building … Continue reading

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Lady, I swear.

It’s raining flowers. It’s raining flowers. The world will never be the same. The world will never be the same. Flowers will never be the world. The same: It’s raining. I am the walrus. I am the walrus. This too, … Continue reading

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