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The Things We Forgot

{Blame the Rain} .. I forgot to tell you that I will always remember the way your grin held up the sky. You forgot to say good -bye, but I can forgive you that for the way the whoooosh of … Continue reading

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Somewhere in the City

{An American sentence}    Streetlamp solely sees them: lovers enfold, only raindrops between them.     .. Prompted by toads. 

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Everything Else is the Same

I need a phonecall…I need a raincoat…I need a big love… – Counting Crows, Raining in Baltimore   .. She wears (out) the whole album oh, that crazy (August and Everything After) ………………….again and again. But what really saves her … Continue reading

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One cent, hence poem. {talking to myself, again}

Find the still small voice in the quiet rain, and make the hard choice to stay.

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Urban Girl

… There’s a scare -city here of silence, a st(r)um -bling of sounds grumbling ’round her (l)edges. The clock ticks her off; the calendar boxes her into a corner, chides. She hides tiny stories in poem pockets, waits ……………………for rain. … Continue reading

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such small hands

.. if we swear by all flowers, hours, kisses ever better fates, these inky ex-ten shuns of me be long to no -body, not even the rain.   . Written for dVerse Poetics, with thankful nod to E.E. Cummings.    … Continue reading

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Of Streets Dissolved by Rain

.. Watch the way the asphalt holds the sky, taking more than its fair share and holding concrete breath. Beware the way the treasures of the magpie turn the sidewalks to golden light. Things are not as they appear. Watch … Continue reading

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