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, and all that’s left is …………..a crash of clouds my broken voice ………………………..a slash of rain.   twiglet #67.     

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If The Earth Stands Still, I Will Know No More Than This.

There is really nothing you must be and there is nothing you must do. There is really nothing you must have and there is nothing you must know. There is really nothing you must become. However, it helps to understand … Continue reading

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Run Four (and a Little More)

in the humidity. in the humility. in the hummm-idity of a new day. through the rainy breeze. through the whispering trees. through the raging seas of your own crazy brain. run four (and a little more) to clear your mind. … Continue reading

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running through

a slow and gentle rain calls and falls on street-slap feet. i conquer 2.5, alive with the scent of skywater on skin and a new day to begin. the drops become a rhythm, a rhyme, a song, the long slow … Continue reading

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she says

… you can’t blame the cloud for smudging the sky just because it is raining. … twiglet #29.     

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.. She blames the rain {again}. A gain of drop on skin; a loss of something more. The sky is broken open, full of bruises, old songs. She’s waiting for the sun to sigh, tell her how to feel again, … Continue reading

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What Went Wayward

… Blame the rain. The way it slant-slid off this damn tin roof, the way we laughed (slippery, only slightly sane) at all the things we thought we knew. Listen to the sound ………..(advice) of silence. Then, blame the stupid … Continue reading

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The Things We Forgot

{Blame the Rain} .. I forgot to tell you that I will always remember the way your grin held up the sky. You forgot to say good -bye, but I can forgive you that for the way the whoooosh of … Continue reading

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Somewhere in the City

{An American sentence}    Streetlamp solely sees them: lovers enfold, only raindrops between them.     .. Prompted by toads. 

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Everything Else is the Same

I need a phonecall…I need a raincoat…I need a big love… – Counting Crows, Raining in Baltimore   .. She wears (out) the whole album oh, that crazy (August and Everything After) ………………….again and again. But what really saves her … Continue reading


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