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How Many Princesses Does It Take to Start a Revolution?

Cinder goes by Ella now,and she and Belle agreethat if they can get Snow to show the magic number’s 3.  Might a quartet be better? that trio does suppose,so once she’s had a tiny napthey wake up Briar Rose.  Why not five? … Continue reading

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Long Story, Short

Rapunzel’s had enough, and she’s about to leave this damn tower of her own un-tressed power, just cut on outta here, just as soon as she can find some shears.  PAD Challenge, day 15.

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Skewing Toward the Sky

This poem is a fair …….(maiden) in a bright tower, sticky with cotton candy clouds and crowds of dark (k)nights in dashing star-spilled skin. She’s in it for the pop -corn, you know, the equality that only comes from tumbled … Continue reading

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