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the bend in the road 

it’s a question mark, really,a hook a crook pulling us off stage and into the next phase. it’s a dusty, untrusted rusted muffler of a song, a torn page. it’s  the rearview mirror skewed, things closer close-her  than they appear. it’s here  and there and back again, map veins free … Continue reading

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And Now a Word from Our Sponsors

  … We cover howling maps with our still small silence. Draw me a rift, Love. A split more break than broken, less salt than sorrow. Are we lost? Draw the sky, a scrim across our scars, a cast iron … Continue reading

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Rainbows in Rearviews

.. Look out, world. We’re about to back window ROY G. BIV our way through another day.   .. Prompted by Quickly in November, day 20.     

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