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This, Besides 

Which way will the breeze swing us, then?  It’s sometimes hard to tell, as    (so much) depends on how glazed we get(with rain, time, fear).  And really it’s all up in the air       (so blue) but everything’s got rhythm, baby, (do you hear it? du-dun-du-dun-dunt) , if you listenwell.  ::Quickly, day 16.

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Some, Much

.. So much depends upon the way the sky slants, the way her heart rants and rages to page. So much deepens up on a day that’s all side -down and stilted smoke, worry-withered bloom. So much deep ends the … Continue reading

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Refrigerator Door

.. Just red, cold crimson steel – the color of disappointment.     PS: ……We’re out …….of plums.       ..       (Read this.) A second tongue-in-cheek offering for dVerse. With gratitude to William Carlos Williams.    … Continue reading

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