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Curious Content 

(Titles Remix: another poem gone rogue)  We are most mad about the ice(box) poem(s), the flibbertigibbet foldability of flowers fables,Phoenix rising – fluff.  All that flirtingwith disaster, humming schwa and counting all joy (conspiring with dragons).  We (wild girls) breathe like (wee) origami dragons, making sense of sunrise, making much of … Continue reading

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Dragon Dance Remix 

{Abbreviated version, with happyness hangover}  Crown hula hoops spun. Dragon hearts won(wrangled, spangled).  Howling’s begunwith freedom sung(bare feet, loose lungs).   Sipping happy tea,steeped in glee (whiles, smiles).  :: Day 27.

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bimbles and bits

it’s all about (that base) a foundation of words tum-bled in, syllables set on spin cycle and (believing in dragons and magic),wander whim’d into something new.  let’s make a fine poem stew of all those blank titles and tried and true prompt-and-circumstance introductory active first thoughts. no ekphrastic, … Continue reading

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Everything but the Kitchen Sink

I think I’ll start in Wildling Wood, believing in magic and creaky swings.  Here there be dragons, and wander worlds and infinite blanks and daisy chains.  And then (thought caught), I’ll ponder over rum-bled phrase, how many princesses chickens rumpled names it takes to start a revolution (late).Silly goose. We’ll switch giggles … Continue reading

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re:mix’d and mashed

some days,  she takes her potatoes …..(and her love poems) smashed to smithereens, brave new world view things cleaving, leaving eyes and peelings in this social rebel breeze. she is the scribbler who scrambled her words, the girl who talked … Continue reading

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