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repeat, after me 

in 1990, we said “i do.”  you didn’t. i did.  for several years i vowed to lie here another day.to make you stay. to make you pay. to get away.  ibid. ibid. ibid. :: Day 22 for NaPoWriMo.

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Paint the sky a hue that you have never seen. Paint a cave and sit with your own darkness. Paint a wave and ride it to the sun.  Paint with your fingers, toes. Nose. Suppose your body is a brush.                                     Hush. Paint the silence.  … Continue reading


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Later: rinse, repeat.

This is the first part of an exercise for Miz Quickly. Later, I hope to refine it into something shorter, sharper.    .. I dreamed I wrote a poem in invisible ink. I dreamed I wrote a poem dot-to-dot, with … Continue reading

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Talking to Myself Again

.. Shhhhh…see? The world’s an okay place; the world’s got quiet grace and open sky. The world’s my (okay, not oyster, but per -haps) my seashell, echoed ocean. The world is full of good, and good people, and good books … Continue reading

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Echo at the End of the Tunnel

.. Broken as dawn, her voice cracks open the day. Broken as egg. Black -ened and brined. Blank -eted in silence. Be -lieve her when she says she’s drawn a blank. End this small and elegant space with a broken … Continue reading

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moon following poems

.. etch it on the sun etch it on the moon moon over it moon phase phrase phrase it loose phrase it sharp sharp as a sword sharp as a tack tack it to a tree tack-led to the sea … Continue reading

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