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on casting stones and shadows 

the first thing thrown’s a stone.  (scissors run, not walk)  nothing’s known, nor shattered. but here’s the thing that matters:  tree shadows scrabbling sigh language on a backyard wall.  (paper covers rock)  ::In April, she poems.

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Ro. Sham. Beau. 

It was all fun and games            (dynamite, really) until one of us    (that would be me) hit rock                  (paper, scissors) bottom.  ::In April, we poem.

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She’s found herself in ink and sky

.. , and silent salt. The squawking cry of hungry gulls. The broken praise of trees. She’s on her knees in dark -est hour, bone-tired and waiting. Forgive her, Father (Son, and wholly long-loved ghost); at most, she’s brave. She’s … Continue reading

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Ro Sham Bo

  ..  I am paper -proud, running with scissors, clinging to the rock.   ..  

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… you wanted to play black -jack, while i’m more of a paper ……..(scissors, rock) girl. heads (over heels), i lose. hearts, you win.   ..

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paper scissors

they don’t cut much, or deep, and they keep tearing. their edges are ragged and worn as my own. but i am convinced if i let them flap in the breeze long enough, they might cover me, rock my inky … Continue reading

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Throwing Stones

… i Shouldn’t, really. (Glass houses and all that C   R    A     S    H -ability.) ii Skip it. Long and low, across the waves, (or whatever saves you from the rest of the storm.) iii The one that … Continue reading

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Troika Triptych

.. I don’t mean to be cryptic. Give me earth, wind, fire. This isn’t a triathlon, Love. You can run but you can’t (swim, bike) hide. Please, just go and ro sham beaux your way back to this third marble … Continue reading

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poem ignoring a marmot

.. this poem cannot wait for spring, early or otherwise. it has winter things to spill. snow and what -not, from its icy quill. no flake the same, they say, but they have not met her frozen side. how much … Continue reading

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nouveau ro sham beaux

. throw stones. stone thrones save us, shave us down to glass crowns. too stoned to drown, we gather riverstones, shown how the blown breeze whispers truth to trees. would you save for me some small something no one else … Continue reading

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